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My diverse and extensive experience in Family Law and Criminal Defense prepare me to analyze your specific case and devise a strategy to achieve the best outcome.

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  • Family Law

    Built on Relationships

    • Resolve the relationship and advocate for your interests. Divorce doesn't have to end painfully, and I have plenty of experience to make sure of that.

    • Are your children in good hands? The law can ensure that your children are taken care of and with the best caretaker they can be with.

    • Your child needs support, and I can help you provide for them. Get compensation and adjust the fees for your children's care.

  • Criminal Defense

    Based on Candor, Honesty, and Truth

    • Possession or production of child pornography is serious, but there are defenses in place. I can help you.

    • These charges can have grim consequences. You need to be defended to get the best possible out come in your case.

    • Texas law is very firm with DWIs. Don’t let one night of your life ruin the rest. Get a defender who will fight for you.

About Jerry Tidwell

Jerry Tidwell earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence with honor from Texas Tech University.

For years, he acted as the Assistant Criminal District Attorney in the Special Crimes Division. While working in the Special Crimes Division, he was responsible for investigating and prosecuting atypical criminal offenses and assisting law enforcement agencies in the initial stages of criminal investigation. These crimes ranged anywhere from DWIs to internet fraud.

Jerry’s experience as a court-room prosecutor provides him with unique, holistic perspective in his criminal defense cases.

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When I found myself in need of a lawyer, I was referred to Jerry Tidwell. I am grateful for his help and expertise.

After deciding to take my case to jury trial, the DA decided to make a deal, and anything related to alcohol was dropped from my charges. After successful probation, I will have nothing in regards to a DUI/DWI on my record. AND I don’t have to go to trial after! A huge Relief!

- Anonymous

Mr. Tidwell was reliable and well informed. He was just the individual that I needed in my time of legal need. I would refer him without a doubt and would utilize his services again in the future.

- Anonymous



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Non-custodial parents are typically ordered to pay child support to their ex. The amount they are required to pay each month will vary based on several factors, with one of the most important being their monthly net income. The court will determine the amount to pay and issue an order…

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